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The Irish Bee Conservation Project CLG

Registered Charity 20206199
Company Reg No 672147
CHY 23035

The IBCP was established to protect the natural environment for the Irish public and its future generations by supporting bee and pollinator conservation. We will achieve this by abiding by nationally recognised values and principles of habitat support, bio-diversity, education and research. We will pursue this objective throughout the Republic of Ireland by engaging in Bee-friendly conservation activities, advocacy through centres of excellence, broad population education activities and community activation in the promotion of bee friendly activities.

Did You Know...


of our food relies on pollinators


species of Irish Bees (approx)


species have declining numbers


species are extinct

What We Do


We provide bee lodges for wild bees to shelter in


Help increase floral rich areas which are desirable to our native bees.


Developing education module for schools and Communities.


Studying best practice for creating habitat for wild bees.

Check Out The Fota Junior Pollinator Trail!

With IBCP, you can learn all about pollinators and how to help protect them and their homes and make sure they have food to eat so they survive and keep on pollinating plants for the survival of all! We need your help because if we all do our little bit, it will make a BIG difference!

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Latest News

Empowering Communities: Men’s Shed Engagement

Empowering Communities: Men’s Shed Engagement

Communities from Cork City  Tougher, Frankfield, and Blarney Men Sheds, joined us for an engaging information day at Fota. The Men’s Shed attendees were immersed in understanding all aspects of our charity’s mission and its exciting future plans. It’s these connections that empower us to create lasting change.

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Donate and Save with IBCP

Donate and Save with IBCP

We are delighted to announce a link up with the Woolsocks Money app, a new way to save money with online shopping. The Woolsocks app offers saving deals for many online stores. When you buy from these using the app, you get cashback amounts up to 40%. The app also offers an option to donate to a charity and IBCP…

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New Apiary Bee House

New Apiary Bee House

At the end of June we installed a new bee house at our research apiary, which will house a few hives and other equipment needed within the apiary.  A modern beehive provides a secure and weatherproof container to protect the colony. Why then keep beehives inside a building, like the bee house? For a research project it requires many colonies,…

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Community Impacts

How Our Community Gives Back

Learning Zone

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A selection of photos and videos from our initiatives, activities and our native bees.​

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By choosing to support the Irish Bee Conservation project you help administer our project for the greater good of our Irish native bees and other pollinators.

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