If you’ve been following us on social media you will no doubt have noticed that our name varied from platform to platform.

On Facebook we were known as IrishBlackBees, on twitter we were IrishBeeConser1, on Instagram we were irishbeeconservationproject and on LinkedIn Irish-Bee-Conservation-Project . It was all pretty confusing!

After a few tries we’ve now settled on our new forever-name. From now on we will be known as IrishBeeCP on every platform we post on (and maybe a few in the future!)

We hope this simplifies and tidies up our social media presence. If you would like to tag us then please use our new handle @IrishBeeCP no matter what platform you are on!

@IrishBeeCP is the new social medi handle for the Irish Bee Conservation Project
Remember @IrishBeeCP is how you can tag us!

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Do you have any ideas on what other platforms we can move into? Let us know!