We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Stonewell Cider, a craft cider producer based in Nohoval Co. Cork.

Starting this summer, when you buy a bottle of Stonewell Cider, Stonewell will make a donation to the Irish Bee Conservation Project. These funds will go towards our general activities, including the creation of pollinator trails, the construction of bee lodges and raising awareness of the plight of the Irish Bee species.

Stonewell only uses fresh apple juice to produce its cider. The apples used for that juice would not grow without bees and pollination. Bees therefore are vital to Stonewell’s very existence.

“Without pollinators there would be no apples and without apples there would be no Stonewell. Supporting such a vital part of our supply chain makes so much sense. The Irish Bee Conservation Project takes an open and encompassing approach to all pollinators and that chimed with what we try and do at Stonewell. We hope with this initiative to give back in some small way to the ecosystem which provides our primary ingredient of apples”

Daniel Emerson,

Founder and Cider Maker at Stonewell.


Both Stonewell and ourselves are very exited about the mutually beneficial aspects of this partnership and hope that it will lead to a reversal of fortunes for the Irish bee population and also increase awareness of its importance.


“A third of our food relies on pollinators like bees, there are 99 Irish bee species, of which
unfortunately 53 are in decline and a further 3 that are extinct. We feel passionately that people
need to be made aware of declining Irish bee numbers and shown they can assist in turning the
situation around. To achieve this, we provide information to communities regarding bee habitat
requirements and to increase the survival of all species of native Irish bees through research, ecology
support, education and biodiversity protection. In addition to our volunteers and other fund-raising
activities, Stonewell Cider’s support will contribute towards our goals”

Tony Varian,

Chairperson of the IBCP