This week we’re starting a new series on simple tips to help our native bees survive.

Our first tip is a nice simple way to help queen bumblebees and other pollinators gather scarce food. And, it doesn’t take any effort!

All you need to do is to recognise the beauty in dandelions! Somehow, these native wildflowers go from a childhood delight to a hated weed. Yet, dandelions are an important source of food in the springtime as they are one of the first flowers to bloom. They continue to bloom until well into Autumn.In fact, studies suggest that dandelions are one of the favourite food sources for wild bees at any time of year.

So please, look at your dandelions in a new light. They’re difficult to remove, so why bother? Instead, learn to love them for the huge part they play in helping our bee species survive. And, maybe indulge you inner child and pick up a seed head to find out the time, or to make a wish!

If you’d like more information on the importance of dandelions check out Let Dandelions Bee

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