We are so grateful for the help and support of Midleton Men’s shed. We would not be able to achieve our goals without their expertise and skills. Midleton Men’s Shed are hugely involved in local projects and we are lucky to be working with them in our project.

Gerard Cogan (Chairman) on behalf of Midleton Men’s Shed kindly wrote this about why they came on board to work with the IBCP.

We in Midleton Men’s shed were very much aware of the need to play our part by creating environments within our daily lives, however small. For so long we were just as aware as anybody else that our insect and bee populations were an essential part of that chain. Our members had long been campaigning for change. Part of that interest stemmed from involvement in Midleton Community Garden, where some members divided their time. So, when we heard that Midleton Community were hoping we might be able to help in the construction of Bee Lodges, we were very enthusiastic in getting involved. Before long we were in touch with ‘Irish Bee Conservation Project’, who, were happy to provide their expertise and the materials needed to start construction of Bee Lodges. They came to meet and engage promptly, in an all-inclusive meaningful manner. 


Before long, we had constructed twenty three units, loving not only the experience of construction, but the knowledge, that what we were doing was making such a difference. Our new found friends from Irish Bee Conservation Project would get to collect at least half of the Lodges, before the Lock-down and new reality that is Covid 19. The remainder lie in storage until we can reopen our Men’s Shed and operate safely together, as before. Meanwhile, nature has used that valuable time to replenish itself. The insect population seems to be re-surging, while the birds can be heard singing more loudly than ever. Nature has given mankind a final request to play a meaningful part in maintaining our planet for all it’s inhabitants, in mutual respect.   We look forward to continuing to play our small part in Midleton’s Mens’ Shed, in conjunction with our Irish Bee Conservation Project and others. We are very grateful for that opportunity so can all work together,  to make our planet a safer place for “all creatures great and small”